Post Production

Spleenless Media (LLC) audio mastering and post production facility offers a range of services providing all of your traditional audio post work including mixing to picture, recording VO/vocals, & creating sound design and music for film/radio. With more than 15 years experience in the audio world, Jon brings the level of detail and precision required for mastering to post production. His work can be heard in such feature films like “Nebraska” and “My Old Lady” among many other forms of film, tv, animation, and interactive installation.


Sound Design / Foley / Editorial
Sound Design and FX for Long Form and Television.
Immersive and Reactive Sound Design for VR/UX/Installation/Web Interactive
Large Custom Sound Effects Library

Mixing for Feature Films, Documentaries, Television & VR
Stereo and Surround (5.1) (please contact about surround)

VO Recording: Theatrical, Documentary, Television, Commercials, Web, Animation
Audio Books: Narration

Music Composition & Licensing
Full mixing for music services for film
Direct colaboration with a range of TV and Feature Film composers